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Sandy stretches bordering the cool blue Caribbean Sea and the lapping Atlantic Ocean surround most of St. Maarten/St. Martin making it one of the most sought after beach destinations in the world. There are 37 beaches and rocky coves to match the island’s square mileage. Each beach and cove embody the fascinating split personality of the Dutch and French sides.

Enjoying the island’s beaches comes with the responsibility to keep them clean and as pristine as possible for the next batch of beach goers. Dispose of your trash properly; either find a bin or take it with you if no bin is close by.

In sea turtle nesting season, be careful not to disturb nests, especially if you are walking a dog. Sea turtles are endangered worldwide and are protected under international and local laws. Endangered Leatherbacks, Hawksbills and Green sea turtles come ashore during the nesting season that runs from April through November each year.

For the best beach experience: take nothing, but pictures (except on clothing optional beaches!), make nothing by memories and leave nothing with your happy footprints in the sand!

  • Baie Longue
    As the name suggests, is the longest beach on the island. Stretching from the five-star La Samanna Hotel to Pointe du Canonnier, this beach was created for romance.
  • Orient Bay
    A golden tan is the perfect island souvenir. Getting one here is as easy as a stroll on the beach. For the right shade of honey or gold, make tracks for Orient Bay. This clothing optional beach on the French side ensures a tan without those pesky tan lines. For a quieter scene, go to Cupecoy Beach and stay for the last rays of sunlight reflect off the spectacular white cliff creating a scene for magical photographs.
  • Le Gallion Beach
    Catch a wave and the wind for surfing or kite surfing at Le Galion Beach. This beach, like the island, has a dual personality - one section is perfect for children to waddle in its cool, shallow depth and the other side caters to the water sports enthusiasts.
  • Great Bay Philipsburg
    Craving adrenalin pumping speed? Seek out Great Bay Beach, a mile long strip that lines Philipsburg. Glide on the blue capped waves on a Jet Ski or Wave Runners and absorb the bustling activities of the capital.
  • Kim Sha Beach
    More water fun is waiting at Kim Sha Beach in Simpson Bay.
  • Maho Beach
    The more daring can stand a short distance from Princess Juliana International Airport runway to get a sand blast for arriving jumbo jetliners as they pass over Maho Beach. This thrill seekers beach is one of the few places in the world to get a photo in swim gear with jetliners as a backdrop.
  • Mullet Bay
    Mullet Bay Beach is ideal for family gatherings. Its sea grape grove gives excellent cover to overflowing picnic baskets, filled coolers or a niche to relax in with a plate of mouth-watering bbq ribs cooked up in the beach restaurant.
  • Grand Case Beach
    Grand Case beach is the prescription for a romantic beach outing completed with gourmet foods, a glass of aromatic French wine or titillating frozen cocktail.
  • Cupe Coy Beach
    Fun and relaxing beach with breathtaking sights because of its structure with the rocks.
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